We want to create ACTIONS with IMPACT to INSPIRE.
At Orange Innovation, we wish to engage a global movement of people in creating social and cultural change in the world.
By taking action (instead of just talking) we want to jump at the opportunity to define and create the course we are heading. We believe that together we can have a lot of fun taking our social and cultural potential very seriously.


Orange Innovation is a network organisation that invents and taps into projects, which hold the potential to create a social, cultural, artistic or environmental impact on the world we live in.
We engage volunteers, join communities and collaborate with organisations and companies that want to play along. By being open and daring to share we hope to learn the unknown and to create the unexpected.
We are what we do. Get to know us better by checking out our projects.


Orange Innovation is born out of Roskilde Festival. We are the restless offspring that has been sent out into the world to learn, share, play and engage in the new.
We are proud to have been raised with the values that define Roskilde Festival. This means that we take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. We yearn to create radically new ways of doing things – and we know that art and culture play great roles in paving the way. And we believe in the wisdom of the crowd – something that we can only create by sharing our thoughts and ideas with the world.
It is our mission to act on these values throughout the year by engaging in projects, movements, and networks that can stir up social and cultural change. In doing this, we hope to inspire Roskilde Festival to establish new collaborations, test new solutions, and to tread new ground.