MADE 2014MADE_logo_lil

Made is a brand new DIY (Do-it-yourself) festival for arts,…

MADE BY KIDS – Summer camps32411

Life is full of opportunities if you let yourself get carried away!

ORANGE HOURSOH-logo-medium_505PX

Our bi-monthly Friday Bar and inspirational meetup


An open garage for urban prototyping and hands-on co-creation.

NERD CAMP 2014noerdcamp-web-1

The wild, educational, and exciting summer camp of the year, full of speed and challenges for kids


Experience the new wave from the East SMASH is a…


Volt charging service enables festivals goers to charge smartphones on…

100 IN 1 DAYfront_logo_505px

May 25th the citizens of Copenhagen will create 100 urban initiatives that will challenge and inspire the city!